Company presentation

CODEXSA was founded 35 years ago and specialises in providing services to the Engineering and Construction sectors in two different areas: Geotechnical-Geological Studies and Quality Control.

The state of the sector over the past few years has forced the companies that operate in it into a deep and constant process of adaptation, leading up to the present day. The ability to overcome this process has become the most important characteristic of the companies which endure and continue to operate as they move towards more stable financial conditions.

Such is the case for CODEXSA, which has adapted its basic structure to current circumstances whilst preserving its technical capabilities, giving value to all of its experience, relying on the versatility of their personnel, and remaining financially solvent. That is, the company has adjusted and re-sized itself for a much lower volume of work, but it has kept the technical means and experience and capable staff to serve highly demanding clients and projects.

This period of change has also allowed the company to direct its efforts towards new sectors such as Mining, Industry in Operation, the Environment, and Energy Infrastructures. These areas of activity benefit from the services traditionally offered by CODEXSA, adapted to their specific needs, with highly specialised requirements. As such, CODEXSA is being continuously assessed by its clients in aspects such as structure, financial solvency, voluntary certifications, experience, technical capacity, the ability to meet deadlines, safety requirements, etc.

This evolution has made us into a company be has aquired new values, such as the ability to adapt or flexibility, to what has always described us: seriousness and transparency.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust placed in CODEXSA over our 35 years of activity. Without it we would have not reached this point.

Enrique Lobo García de Vinuesa

Integrated management policy

According to Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008

Since 1982, CODEXSA has been providing services to the Engineering and Construction sectors in two areas: Geotechnical-Geological Studies and Quality Control.

Our strategic mission is to provide our services while adapting our structure to the socio-economic circumstances around us; protecting our technical skills, using the experience we have accumulated, relying on our staff being multidisciplinary and maintaining financial solvency.

The main aim of this policy is to consolidate this reality. We want to adopt the principle of continuous improvement to perfect our service and abide by legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the requirements of interested parties, within a framework of good environmental practices. We firmly believe that these are the two key factors of good business management that we need to ensure that our company endures into the future.

The organisation uses the process risk assessment method to prevent possible deviations from the quality and environment management system.

CODEXSA is committed to protecting the environment in all its activities and services. To do so, the company identifies and evaluates a series of environmental aspects, taking appropriate measures to minimise its impact on the environment. The company is especially careful about preventing pollution and exhausting natural resources, and minimising waste. Furthermore, the organisation guarantees that it complies with legal requirements on these matters, and other matters related to the prevention of workplace hazards.

With this information, CODEXSA has set environmental and quality objectives, which are reviewed annually. With these objectives, we aim to:

  • Ensure that CODEXSA is an example in the sector of a company committed to the environment.
  • Understand the capacity and resources of the company, to optimise planning tasks, and increase the satisfaction of clients and other interest groups.
  • Manage the correct performance of tasks, doing them right the first time, to avoid unnecessary expenses related to future changes and/or repairs.
  • Train personnel, as a key factor that will make the most of the resources of the organisation, undoubtedly the most important asset of our company.
  • Ensure that delivery deadlines are met.
  • Encourage proactivity of our personnel in the success of the system.
  • Actively protect the health and safety of employees and facilities, as a basic principle to carry out the company's activities, achieving safe processes and operations both for individuals at the company as well as clients and society in general.
  • In all projects, evaluate and consider effects on health and safety at work, introducing necessary improvements, to effectively protect people, facilities and the environment. This will help minimise risks, the potential consequences of risk, and prevent all kinds of accidents and incidents, or any other aspect that would negatively affect the health and safety of workers.

To successfully carry out our policy and achieve this goal, we need the unconditional support of all the company's personnel, showing a strong and constant commitment to quality and the environmental performance of the organisation.

Environmental performance

Over the course of 2019, CODEXSA has managed to reduce:

  • 8.94% the consumption of diesel by number of tests carried out in its Huelva delegation, thus contributing to the minimization of the impact caused to the environment by the decrease in natural resources and indirectly by atmospheric pollution derived from CO2 emissions in its combustion.
  • 39.05% the generation of paper waste produced in its Huelva branch, thus promoting respect for the environment, and avoiding the saturation of landfills.
  • 100% the generation of aerosol waste in its delegation in Marchena as an example of the efforts made to reduce the generation of its hazardous waste and avoid saturation of security deposits.
  • In 2020, CODEXSA's efforts will be aimed primarily at reducing its Huelva delegation of electricity consumption.