Special requirements

In addition to meeting the legal conditions for carrying out its their activity, as well as the voluntary implementation and certification of its management systems, CODEXSA meets special requirements as a result of the demands of the sector or companies with unique needs.

  • CODEXSA uses different criteria to approve its suppliers: reliability, compliance with environmental regulations, business coordination for the prevention of workplace risks, quality, environmental and risk prevention certification, suitability of services/products supplied and ability to meet deadlines. We continually evaluate the performance of our suppliers and may remove them from our list of approved suppliers in the event of serious or reiterated product- or service-related violations.
  • CODEXSA is clear that its suppliers need to ensure that products and services purchased and contracted by CODEXSA do not have a high environmental impact. Suppliers must have good environmental practices aimed at complying with legal requirements applicable to the activity, minimising waste, using resources sensibly, reducing consumption and protecting the environment in general.
  • CODEXSA is registered in Repro, Achilles' online community for the electrical energy, oil, water, and gas sectors. This platform identifies, qualifies, assesses, and monitors providers on behalf of buyers from large corporations around the world. The objective is to gain reliable information and create relationships of trust by creating communities.
  • CODEXSA is an approved provider of companies such as: Abengoa, Cepsa, Endesa, Iberdrola, Ineco, Sener, Sepes, Spark Ibérica, Red Eléctrica de España.
  • CODEXSA's personnel have the "Certificate of Competence for Operators of Mobile Mining Machinery in open pit works" from the Council for Economy, Innovation, Science, and Employment.
  • Personnel employed by CODEXSA have training accredited by the Labour Foundation of Construction for Bore Hole and Perforation Works.
  • Since 19 November 2013, CODEXSA has been registered as an accredited contractor for the petrochemical sector by the companies: Repsol, Cepsa, Galp, BP, Disa, and Saras.
  • CODEXSA has carried out works in Nuclear Stations, fulfilling all the necessary requirements to receive approval.
  • All radioactive installations belonging to CODEXSA are authorised by the Nuclear Safety Board as second class radioactive installations or authorised delegation.

Meeting these additional requirements involves overcoming technical, organisational, financial, equipment, and other demands, which means that these aspects need to be regularly and continuously reviewed by the entities or clients in question.

Therefore, these requirements are an additional guarantee of CODEXSA's solvency at every level.